Working condition

40 hours a week (5 days a week) conducted

Flexible work system (commuting, telecommuting available)

Annual salary (according to company regulations, after interview)

Welfare conditions

4 insurance

Support for congratulations and condolences (congratulatory memorials, wreaths, and confiscated items)

Maternity leave and parental leave

Supporting self-development expenses related to work


Ability or potential to develop applications that link the web and mobile alone

Education: None

Military service: (For men), military service

Required skills

Languages: At least one of Java, PHP, and Objective-C

Mobile: At least one of Android, IPhone, and Tazen

Web: Servlet / JSP, Script, JQuery, XML, HTML5

Database: One or more proficient in MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL (sql, procedure available)

WebServer: Install, configure, and operate one of Tomcat, Apache, or IIS

  1. OS: At least one of Linux, Windows Server
  2. Office: PPT, KeyNote, Excel

Preferential treatment

  1. Object-oriented, understanding of design pattern concept and applicable
  2. Amazon Cloud Experiences
  3. Proposers, proposals, etc.
  4. Interested in clubs, hobbies, and leisure activities
  5. Interested in reading, humanities
  6. Recognized IT knowledge and experience technology that can be differentiated from others

Selection procedure

After screening documents, interview (2 times if necessary) and decide whether to pass

Document screening:

Whether basic personal information, self-introduction, and presentation documents have been faithfully written

Review compliance with support eligibility requirements


  1. Review practical skills, expertise, experience, and ability to do business
  2. Confirmation of organizational life adaptability
  3. Personality evaluation

Send your resume to : contact@mono-rama.com

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